About Tula-Steel Trading House

Tula-Steel Trading House is established in 2018 to sale rolled products of the Tula-Steel metallurgical plant.

The Trading House sells products of one of the most modern ferrous metallurgy enterprises. Tula-Steel uses advanced equipment of European suppliers and pig iron of the world famous Tulachermet plant as raw material. Out-of-furnace treatment equipment (ladle-furnace and vacuum degasser) allows to sell products of the highest quality in order to solve any tasks of our customers.


Cooperating with Tula-Steel Trading House you get the opportunity to order products directly from the plant or warehouse. About 50 thousands of tons of the rolled products can be stored at a time at the warehouse, which is considered to be one of the biggest in the Central Federal District.

Delivery of any batches by railway or road
Thousands of tons
at the warehouse
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Right on time delivery

Quality products from the reliable supplier

Cooperation with the team of professionals

Wide range of products at competitive price

Possibility to order directly any batches of the rolled products from the plant and the warehouse

Minimum shipping quantity is one pack